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Fenton glass collectibles are made by The Fenton Art Glass Company, a family owned and operated business which was established in 1905 by the Fenton brothers, Frank and John. The company started as a glass decorating company, only painting on plain glass manufactured by other glassware companies. They started producing their own glassware lines when the demand for their products increased.

During the company's early years, the Fenton brothers found inspiration from the designs of Steuben and Tiffany -- both masters in fine art glass. They went on to produce lustrous and colorful glass pieces that is now popularly known as carnival glass. The company now has over a hundred patterns of this type of glassware, some of which are selling for huge sums of money. For over a hundred years, the company has made new glass patterns and colors, as well as hand painted pieces with gold accents. Today, The Fenton Art Glass Company is among the world's leading producers of handmade art glass.